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West Bake Ireland

West-Bake Ireland are saying the nicest things about a bespoke packaging design.

'We were delighted with the bespoke Christmas Tree packaging  design developed by Par-Pak. Their clear interpretation of the brief, original thinking and fast turn around gave us a successful festive product that was a sell out & well received by our customers in the lead up to the holiday.'


Roddas was founded in 1890 and over 120 years later now has a global reach selling a range of dairy and gift products. Their Clotted Cream product has justly brought them the much coveted Protected Description of Origin - a guarantee of provenance, authenticity and, above all, quality.

Ever since 1973 innovation has been a way of life for Par-Pak Europe - their pre-eminent position in the market pivots on their ability to create exclusive designs that are not only functional, using environmentally friendly materials but also offering clearly differentiating shelf stand out.

'In working with us Par-Pak has come up with a solution that is easy to merchandise with simple shelf replenishment and optimisation of critical shelf space. The packaging is strong enough to endure the challenges of the supply chain and is produced in recyclable PET. The design makes for easy, customer-friendly shopping. The packaging benefits retailers and Rodda's alike through impulse purchase, minimal handling - short circuiting the process from warehouse to shelf in one easy step.'

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