FAQ's All Par-Pak's packaging can be recycled offering a 'cradle to cradle' re-use. Much of our packaging contains approved recycled materials from re-ground mineral water or cola bottles. This comes back to our factory in the form of pellets or 'flakes' which are then heated, extruded and turned into new bakery and confectionery, dairy, soft fruit punnets, meat and fish trays.

What do the numbers '1' and '5' within the recycle motif represent?

The '1' symbol on the underside of the soft fruit punnets or '5'  on some poultry, mushroom and fish trays  within the recycle motif refers to the type of material used. So '1' refers to the material APET or Amorphous Polyethylene Teraphalite used in the manufacture of most of our trays and punnets across all markets.

What does the 'r' in front of PET stand for?

This means that the material used in the process has a blend of recycled materials mixed with a virgin petro-chemical material. Par-Pak is producing most of their packaging with up to 90% recycled materials leaving only 10% virgin petro-chemical. This reduces impact on the environment and the amount of waste going to landfill.

Are doorstep collections of recycled plastics increasing?

The responsibility for doortstep collections lies very much in the hands of local councils. A number of councils are now collecting plastics. WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme)  is set up by the Government in an attempt to increase recycling collection rates. 

You can visit their website at www.wrap.org.uk or telephone their helpline on 0808 100 2040 or office number: 01295 81990

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