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April 2017
Looking for roll film? Holfeld Plastics, part of Waddington Europe supplies 28 standard colours, a bespoke matching service, a wide range of widths and gauges in various roll configurations.

Holfeld is a UK and European leader in the innovation, development and production of super-cleaned rigid plastic film for primary production in the food and non food industry sectors as well as providing roll sheet for brand owners and competing plastic packaging manufacturers.

By choosing Holfeld for your film you are not only choosing a supplier that offers one of the broadest ranges of film, continuous improvement in technologies and blends but a world-class company with demonstrable Global award-winning films from 2013 to 2016.

2014 - Starpack Award for rPETeCO
2015 - Worldstar Award for rPETeCO
2015 - Starpack Award for H-PET
2016 - Worldstar Award for H-PET

The portfolio 

EC Cut Clear
EC Cut Coloured
Hydrozorb H-PET
High Barrier r-PET peelable
High Barrier r-PET
Superseal r-PET
Foamed r-PETeCO
r-PET/PE Weld Seal
High Barrier r-PETeCO

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