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Well Prepared for the Salad Days

March 2017 - Salad packs and bowls for 'good-to-go' deli mixes and green salads for people on the move, at work, at home,at school for the family or individuals. Eating salad almost every day may be one of the most healthy eating habits people can adopt so the greater variety of deli packaging adds extra convenience making preparation simple

Par-Pak Europe has one of the largest ranges of convenience 'good-to-go' salad packaging ranges in the industry tapping into the growing demand for chilled prepared and convenience foods. The range comprises tubs, bowls, pots and packs with hinged or separate lids for all kind of salads and deli mixes, fruit, dips, fresh pasta, vegetables, stir fry and fish.

Par-Pak has a portfolio to suit the deli and salad packaging buyers all offering maximum visibility of the product and blended from up to 90\% recycled PET. Robust packaging for the challenges of today's pressurised supply chain


There are stylish smooth walled bowls hinged or with separate lids for wet salads or deli category sich as cous-cous, potato salad or coleslaw. Convenient small and large containers for coleslaw or potato salads, diced carrot or betroot

Everyone is leading busier lives, eating patterns are changing and the need for fast healthy foods that is easily prepared is at the very centre of 21st century living. There is now substantial evidence that nutrient-rich plant foods contribute to good health of mind and body together with higher levels of powerful antioxidants, vitamins C&E.


Attractive, stylish round bowls with separate compartments for mixed deli salad bar specialities and wet leaf salads all with hinged or separate lids. Family-sized deli mix tray with hinged lid.

Our photographs show a snapshot of the salad/deli portfolio available

54002 small bowl with separate lid

54015 hinged bowl

54004 3 cavity bowl with separate lid

54017 2 cavity bowl with hinged lid

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