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Waddington Europe win Worldstar Award for 2nd year running

Back to back success at the Packaging Industry's two premier awards - the UK's Starpack and the Global Worldstar Awards is unprecedented

No one is doing what Waddington Europe is doing to develop environmental materials for our time. Following success at Starpack and Worldstar in 2014/15 with rPETeCO this year the company has triumphed with Hydrozrob H-PET. This is a pioneeeing example of material development and continuous product innovation - H-PET is a substitute for styrene and a lightweight, low carbon carefully blended combination of rPET with organic and inorganic fillers.

H-PET demonstrates altered characteristics from conventional r-PET with all the commercial advantages of polystyrene and none of the environmental impacts. With surface tension reduced up to 625%* more moisture is captured that PP improving the shelf life of perishable mushrooms and soft fruit.

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