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No Sweat

...Hydrozorb (H-PET) is a new packaging material to reduce surface tension and capture condensation in pre-packed produce such as mushrooms.

The lightweight, low carbon material with organic and inorganic fillers is 100% recyclable in the waste stream - a strategically blended combination of r-PET with organic and inorganic fillers.

Hydrozrob is a finalist in the Starpack 2015 Greenstar Sustainable Category - it follows the success of rPETeCO at the 2014 awards and later in the Worldstar Awards for sustainable packaging material.

The H-PET projects driver driver was to develop a material from sustainable low carbon materials that would demonstrate suitable characteristics in packaging applications to replace Polystryrene, used in mushroom packaging, which is not accepted in the waste stream and is refused by the majority of Councils as part of their doorstep collection.


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